1. There is no cost or fee for playing PixxyPix, and any player may play a game at any time, but no score or average will be counted unless the player is “logged in”.

2. On the last day of each month, each player in the top position on each of the six (6) ”Leaderboard” categories, shall be awarded a $50 Amazon Gift Card. Winning players will be notified by email.

3. The Leaderboard will be cleared of scores (averages will remain) on the last day of each month, and the new monthly contest will begin on the first day of each month.

4. Each player’s “Average”, calculated as a game score is submitted (or as a game is abandoned), will automatically decrease in point value (as much as 50 points) if inactivity occurs. Players will be penalized for every three (3) day interval of inactivity.

5. Abandoning a game prematurely will reflect negatively on the score, thereby affecting the player’s average, and a game must be completed and submitted for maximum score value.
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